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Atlantic Swiss’ Financial Services department has historically earned its reputation as financial planning specialists for individuals primarily, but not exclusively, in Entertainment and Sport. This regulated side of the business, offers independent financial advice and support for a wide spectrum of talent ranging from Oscar winners, to people just starting out in their chosen field.

Our focus is the client journey. We want to build strong relationships and help clients reach their short and long term goals, alongside them. We find this is best achieved through an inherent understanding of their situation before imparting our knowledge and expertise to all areas of their financial lives. These areas span investments, savings, pensions, property portfolios and financial protection. Our primary focus is on our clients and helping them secure their financial future.
Clients will also have access to the fantastic relationships we have established with some of the top names in property, law and accountancy, to name a few. Utilising these relationships can enhance our clients' financial efficiency further. Our belief is that everyone, especially in the world of Entertainment and Sport, needs to have the right people around them to succeed financially.

Our advisers are backed by an experienced in-house technical support team that carries out in-depth research, ensuring the most suitable plan reviews and recommendations are made.

Services areas

Sports, Media & Entertainment

Historically, the majority of our clients have been individuals in the entertainment industry. Over many years, we have developed the expertise and network to help these clients plan for their financial future. A lot of them are in the wealth building stage of life and need to navigate a lot of important financial decisions.

It is our job to help them find the path that is most suitable for them. This quite often starts with what property they can afford and then moves on to building investment portfolios that will give them and their family financial security. Everyone has different financial goals and we bespoke our advice to individual client needs.

We spend a lot of time supporting our clients and work at the pace they are comfortable with. By utilising our experience and being there from the beginning to the end, we aim to provide the best client experience possible. 

The main specific areas that we cover within entertainment are:

  • Music
  • TV & Film (in front and behind the camera)
  • Theatre
  • Sport
  • Models
  • Creative
  • Fashion
  • Publishing
  • Art
  • Influencers
Entrepreneurs & Business owners

A natural progression for us has been to start working more with business owners and entrepreneurs as they tend to build they wealth in a very similar fashion. We aim to give them perspective on their personal Financial Plan as a whole, where diversifying away from their core business activities is very important for securing their long term financial future.

US/UK Clients

As our clients have become more and more successful many have started working internationally as their talents are in demand all over the globe. Moving to the USA throws up more challenges than most countries and careful financial planning before making the move is imperative. We have many years of experience restructuring client’s finances efficiently and working with the right teams of professionals to ensure the move is as efficient as possible. We are set up not only to help with the initial move but also maintain the client relationship whilst abroad.

Holistic Advice

We also work with an array of high net worth individuals that need full financial planning advice as well as advice in specific areas of their finances. Pension and investment planning up to retirement is usually a key area that people need to consider for many years before retirement. We are here to provide the very same level of service to ensure our clients can plan correctly then navigate accordingly this time of change in their lives. Efficient cash flow forecasting and ongoing management of cash, pensions and investments is designed to ensure clients at this stage are comfortable and confident when taking these important financial decisions.

Meet the management team

  • Craig Bell
    Managing Partner & Adviser
  • Alex Carlisle
    Senior Partner & Adviser
  • Freddie Kirchner
    Senior Partner & Adviser
  • Jaryd McCormack
    Senior Partner & Adviser
  • Neil Avery
    Senior Partner & Adviser
  • James Carter
  • Thomas Bowen

Craig Bell
Managing Partner & Adviser

Craig Bell, Managing Partner & Adviser

Craig BellWith over a decade of experience, Craig is the managing partner in charge of the financial services department. As well as overseeing the team of advisers and technical support, he specialises in dealing with some of the top names in media and entertainment.

03706 260 250

Alex Carlisle
Partner & Adviser

Alex Carlisle, Senior Partner & Adviser

Alex CarlisleHaving been at Atlantic Swiss for over 7 years, Alex has a wealth of knowledge in the world of personal finance. With a number of UK/US clients, he has an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved with dealing with client's finances on both sides of the Atlantic.

03706 260 250

Freddie Kirchner
Partner & Adviser

Freddie Kirchner, Senior Partner & Adviser

Freddie KirchnerFreddie joined Atlantic Swiss in 2010 and specialises in investment and tax planning. He is an experienced adviser acting for a large range of media and entertainment clients, offering expertise in portfolio management, investment structures and tax efficiency.

03706 260 250

Jaryd McCormack
Senior Partner & Adviser

Jaryd McCormack, Senior Partner & Adviser

Jaryd McCormackJaryd specialises in pensions and investments, making him a valuable part of your team when building for the future. He prides himself on his client relationships, helping clients in Sports and Entertainment through all stages of their life to achieve their financial goals.

03706 260 250

Neil Avery
Senior Partner & Adviser

Neil Avery, Senior Partner & Adviser

Neil AveryWith over 25 years experience, Neil builds strong, long-term relationships with both clients and professional connections. He specialises in holistic advice for individuals and companies, predominantly from creative and media industries, including Music, Theatre, Television and Entertainment.

03706 260 250

James Carter

James Carter, Adviser

James CarterHaving completed his master’s at London School of Economics, James joined Atlantic Swiss straight out of University. He has worked his way through the ranks, now managing clients from a broad range of industries from singers, songwriters and actors to entrepreneurs and executives. James specialises in income planning and portfolio construction, with a keen interest in the education of his clients towards mutual understanding of their financial planning. He is a young, driven, and personable individual who is a valued member of our team.

03706 260 250

Thomas Bowen

Thomas Bowen, Adviser

Thomas BowenTom has worked at Atlantic Swiss since 2018. Prior to joining the team, he has worked in private banking and sports talent management, giving him an in-depth understanding of client stewardship for high-net-worth self-employed individuals, business owners and those with a public profile across the creative and sports industries.Tom enjoys a close level of engagement with his clients in meaningful discussions around their lifestyle planning. He encourages joined up thinking to ensure that our strategic approach is informative and delivers on their goals. He has a passion for helping his clients and is committed to supporting them as a trusted adviser.

03706 260 250

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