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From traditional bookkeeping to financial personal assistance, we are proud to say that we have been helping our clients manage their finances for over 15 years.

The journey of Black Frame Consultancy Ltd began when Amanda Barnett started her own practice trading originally as a sole trader and then as Amanda Barnett Ltd working predominantly in the Media & Entertainment industry and with entrepreneurs.

Our clients have over the years created and invested in a wide range of businesses covering industries ranging from restaurants, fashion labels, ready meal manufacturers, recording studios and many more.
We specialise in the Media & Entertainment industry and are faced with and understand the challenges our international clients are exposed to - particularly in the US. For that reason, we work closely with a number of prominent business managers, lawyers and talent agents in order to give our clients the highest level of service.

Our clients rely on us to ensure that both their professional and private finances are managed on a real time basis and always with discretion. As such, we develop close relationships and our clients know that there is someone to assist them at any time of the day.

We also work very closely with the client's financial adviser and accountants to ensure that the client is compliant, tax efficient and investing their money in the most efficient manner possible.

Services areas


Independent book keeping service that offers live reporting and cash movement thought-out the year, enabling our clients to have constant control over future personal budgeting and tax requirements. This service dove-tails with any existing accounting firm used by our clients, which creates a double check process over all book keeping & accounting to give the client total assurance over their financial position at all times.

Sales invoicing and creditor control management

We offer an invoicing and credit control management service, which then feeds into our reporting and cash-flow reports to the client.


Set-up and ongoing VAT processing for the individual or business.


Full payroll services for staff, including additional options to provide staff pensions, medical insurance cover and other staff benefits.

Cash flow and forecasting

We have devised a consolidated cash-flow and forecasting reporting system that allows our clients to have either weekly, monthly or quarterly reports. Via this report, it will be possible to track recent and future income and outgoings, with projections on bank balances and funding requirements for both business and personal future needs. The reports are a useful tool when planning savings and investments, as well as planning for special events such as future property purchases or retirement planning.

Budget tracking

International and domestic live tour & production book keeping service with payment & collections services, banking management, bill payment and supplier coordination.

Management accounts

Supply of full management account services.

Project management

Full control and management planning for specific projects, such as property renovation, tour planning or production budgeting.

Banking Management Services

Set-up of all banking requirements domestically or internationally in every currency for both individuals and businesses.

Family Office

We run a family office service for our UK, European and the US clients. This includes full household and personal budgeting, bill payment, staff recruitment & management, property management …and every other necessity needed to run a client’s private lives.

Meet Amanda

  • Amanda Barnett
    Financial Personal Assistant

Amanda Barnett
Financial Personal Assistant

Amanda Barnett, Financial Personal Assistant

Amanda BarnettAmanda started her career in book keeping within the Fashion and Manufacturing market, having spent time working in Milan and Europe. In addition to centring in Corporate finance, Amanda began working for her first Record Label in 1998. In 2001 her practice expanded into the personal management names in Entertainment, looking after all aspects of their Book Keeping, Personal Financial Management & Family Office needs.

In 2005 Amanda’s practice started to work with the Atlantic Swiss Group. In 2018, her practice Black Frame Consulting merged with Atlantic Swiss Agency (Atlantic Swiss’s Family Office) and retained its seminal branding within the Group.

Amanda is a Managing Partner of Atlantic Swiss Group and heads Black Frame Consulting LLP, the Independent Book Keeping & Family Office department.

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