Who We Are

When James Gallimore founded Atlantic Swiss in the early 2000s, his philosophy was to build long-term relationships with his entertainment clients and give them a bespoke personal service. Since then, Atlantic Swiss has offered a unique service to help people achieve their financial goals.

Atlantic Swiss has become one of the UK’s premier Financial Advisers and Family Offices for individuals and businesses involved with the Entertainment, Media & Sports industries, giving genuine impartial and unbiased advice. 

During this time we are proud that we have remained a privately owned independent company. Specialist departments have been formed to enhance our clients’ journey and to give them the time and expertise they need. The departments have been split into:

FCA regulated:

  • Atlantic Swiss Financial Services – Exclusively independent financial and investment planning
  • AS Financial – One of the UK’s leading mortgage brokers

Non-FCA regulated:

  • Atlantic Swiss Agency – The dedicated Family Office looking after all personal and business interests

We also work closely with US Investment Managers, Accountants and Lawyers for our clients that have lives and careers on both sides of the Atlantic. Our international scope also expands to Asia and Europe.